Choose Us

We know you’ll be very happy with the educational experiences you find at Northwest. Please allow us to share some of the reasons why our school is the best choice for your child’s future.

Our Philosophy

The Northwest Area School District Board of Education believes that:

  • innovation and change in education—both content and methods—are necessary for meeting the needs of our youth as they face life before them;
  • education is best achieved when students become involved in experiences meaningful to their lives in today’s world;
  • the educational process should develop a feeling of self worth and accomplishment; and
  • equal educational opportunity is the right of all children without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin, and the laws to this end should be followed promptly and effectively.

We further believe:

  • education should develop habits, attitudes, understandings, and skill necessary for a productive, satisfying life in civilized society; and
  • each child should learn to understand the duties and privileges of responsible citizenship as it relates to him or her as an individual and to the world community.

Dedicated to Your Child’s Success

We care about each student and are dedicated to providing an education that allows all of our students to succeed. Our highly qualified teachers work with students in a small class setting that allows them to personalize their teaching strategies. We also offer a full range of support services and program offerings that enhance student learning. 

Opportunities for Learning

We proudly offer a challenging academic curriculum supplemented with a variety of extracurricular programs and services that enhance the student learning experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as athletics and fine arts (including art, band, music, and chorus).