Health Services

We at Northwest Area School District are fully committed to the health of our students. We look after each student’s physical and mental well being while on our campuses.

Administration of Medication

We recommend that students take all medicines at home; however, we recognize that certain health problems require students to take medication during school hours. Medication must be kept in the health office at all times.

  • It must be delivered to the nurse’s office by a parent/guardian or other responsible adult designee, in its original packaging, and properly labeled by the pharmacy or physician’s office or in the manufacturer’s original container for over the counter medications.
  • Written and dated consent from the parent/guardian giving specific directions for use must accompany the medication.

Immunization Information

The Northwest Area School District abides by the Pennsylvania state mandated immunization guidelines. As per the Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of Immunizations, we may exclude students from instruction who do not have the current, required immunizations.

Nurses Corner

Please check back weekly for our updates, resources, and information regarding COVID-19.

You are welcome to contact the nurses with any questions and/or concerns:

    Contact Us

    You are welcome to call the health services office at (570) 542-4126.